Bike Mechanics

Empowering women who are avid road cyclists, guides, and casual riders to learn basic bike mechanic skills.

Tutorials & hands-on training include —

  • Full Bike cleaning + tune up
  • Changing / adjusting saddle
  • Removing / changing clip pedals & pedal adjustments
  • Changing tires (front + rear)
  • Replacing / maintaining brake pads (front + rear)
  • Replacing shifting / brake cables & housing
  • Cleaning and aligning disc breaks (front + rear)
  • Proper chain care + lube use
  • Adjusting handle bars & bike set up
  • Adjusting & tuning front + rear derailleurs
  • Properly performing a full safety inspection
  • Bike break down for travel / re-build post travel
  • Covering basic patch kit essentials

Course Specifics —

Courses can vary in duration depending on what you are after. I am happy to cover as little or as much as you need to cover some essential basics, or enhance what you already know, or delve deeper into the nitty gritty stuff!

I can provide limited tools that will allow me to teach a majority of topics outlined above.

For groups larger than 4, personal tools are recommended to ensure hands on practice (these include pedal wrenches, allen keys, tire levers, spare tube, spare break pads, & lube).