Performance Training + Mentoring

We are all sitting on mountains of untapped potential

I believe that achieving physical greatness is possible by peeling away the layers of trauma done to our bodies over time. That might be done through a sedentary lifestyle, old / new injuries, or emotional stress that limits our ability to perform at our fullest potential. By analyzing the relationship we have with ourselves and our goals, we can work better towards making our ambitions our realities.

My approach is intended to challenge your mind, push your mental and physical limits, activate your senses and elevate your potential. This is done holistically through coaching in nutrition, breath work, sustainable programming, joint mobility, visualization strategies, and goal setting.

From young athletes, amateur modern outdoorsmen, females wanting to conquer the mountains solo, all the way to the professional athlete, I invite you to experience Outdoor Human Kinetics!

One on One + Small Group Adventure Training
  • Focus on mobility, breath work, goal setting
  • Adapting nutrition to align with goals
  • Exploring mental and emotional health
  • Learning movement patterns to prepare for long-distance trekking, hiking, & scrambling

  • Video calls are the best way to get adventure ready! Ease your preparation by getting all your questions answered. Sometimes, all it takes is a chat to get adventure ready and confident.
  • I have started my own backpacking adventures from rock bottom. I didn’t start with all the right gear that would set me up for success. But that made me all the more resilient. I want to take you from doubts to a ‘hell yea’ approach!
  • Today, social media makes adventures look perfect and can distance us from the realities of what it means to be in the humbling outdoors. Bringing the realness of what it means to explore the backcountry responsibly and safely is my top priority, to share with you!

My trekking inspiration…

Sarah Marquis is a Swiss National Geographic Explorer who has done some incredible solo and unsupported wild trekking around the world. Not surprisingly, she is one of the world’s 30 most influential women travellers. Sarah’s pioneering story of solo bush travel and connecting with nature is inspiring, humbling, and motivating. I look up to Sarah for her knowledge and grit. As Sarah says, “we need nature more than ever today”.

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