A Seton Ridge Encounter

-recounting a day in the wild – A trail nestled high in the alpine of the west coast, specifically the Cayoosh Ranges of the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, is home to spectacular flora and the wildest of fauna.  The winding and steep 4×4 road serpentines a mountain on a now deactivated forest service road…

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Frenchman’s Cap: Type II Fun in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park | Tasmania

A fast packing adventure condensed over 2 days in Tasmania’s Northwest. Passing 2 wilderness huts, 2 stunning alpine lakes, and summiting one epic massif. This adventure is for anyone needing a type II adrenaline rush.

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A Solo Journey Across The Western Arthurs Traverse in Tasmania

A personal account of journeying through Tasmania’s Southwest National Park. Traversing one of the region’s most rugged terrain, solo & unsupported. The most wild and type II fun of climbing, bouldering, and scrambling over 6 days in the wild.

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