About Me

Dear Adventurer,

I welcome you to my personal corner of creativity. I blend a few passions together: outdoor backcountry adventures, nutrition, photography, and musings about the power and intricacy of our mind and our body.

Outdoor Human Kinetics is a corner to recount and celebrate humble beginnings in outdoor adventuring. Through my written accounts, I aim to provide truth and rawness about conquering the mountains, and I hope to inspire YOU to explore your own curiosity within nature, to tap deeper into your personal potential, and to celebrate your efforts and achievements.

My existence is shaped by 3 regions of the world: Canada – born in Ontario & raised in British Columbia, the Czech Republic – central European blood flowing through my veins, and Australia – here, I evolved into a fully conscious and independent adult. Experiencing life in Australia on two separate occasions, had me delve into the concept of “what is happiness?” and applying the anthropological concept of “why do we do what we do?” to improving the quality of my life and my relationships.  

Life only really started for me in 2016. Prior to that, I was navigating through different academic institutions, like everyone else, to figure out what my calling is. I didn’t find my calling, but I found a way to break through old dogmatic traditions that I was raised in, to become my unique self. That, my friends, was a game changer. Studying all the branches of Anthropology allowed me to become the free, open-minded, and self-aware person that I am today. While I am not a massive proponent of academic institutions, my personal university experience was a ticket to enlightenment.

My uni experience and study exchange in Australia fed my inner being with new life motivation. I channeled all that fresh confidence to land my dream job: an outdoor hiking and cycling guide. I started my first season as a bike mechanic in Canada, and then guided in Europe for the next two seasons. I saw incredible corners of the Earth through my job, I saved every penny from my 3 seasons, and stayed healthy, fit, and felt purposeful to the people I worked with and the wonderful guests I had the pleasure to guide.

I have traveled since time immemorial, but it wasn’t until 2016 & onwards, that I actually began experiencing the world, beyond Canada, for the first time — on my own. I have wandered through 16 countries by foot, road bike, and car. I have driven and hiked across Europe, Canada, and Australia. I have scaled tough peaks, trekked through remote country, and lived out of one suitcase for a few years. I never planned that to be my lifestyle, but it was, and it was rad.

I ended my guiding job in 2019 to pursue my next goal of becoming a personal trainer. Knowing I didn’t want an office job, nor could I sustain the energy I applied to my guiding job, I wanted to continue being active and help people feel great through movement. Getting my personal training certificate during another escape to Australia, had me reach new personal awakenings, about which I will muse another time.

It is now 2020, the year of covid, and I could not be farther from my life purpose. I am at a standstill of what inspires me, motivates me, and speaks to me. There is one thing for certain however, and that is my deep desire to continue inspiring women to conquer their goals, by continuing to push myself mentally and physically through epic adventures. Within this fire, lies my purpose somewhere. It’s both intriguing and unnerving to go each day without impacting someone. But then it occurred to me that the only person I need to impact in this time of confusion, is myself, or order to serve others better.

It is through experiencing great emotional, physical, and mental pain, that I have come to understand that I have neglected myself and therefore I cannot feel inspired to serve others until I serve myself. To me, my life timeline is perfect on paper. In my heart, it’s less than perfect. 2019/2020 became a year of holistic healing that has sparked a new awareness of self, practicing more compassion, and reconnecting to my inner-being. My years of “working out” is now replaced with “working in”.

As I work-in, I have discovered how important it is to take into regards, every aspect of being, to be a well-rounded adventurer. In short, I have had to work through 8+ years of chronic back pain, anxiety, burn-out, lack of fulfillment, adult acne, and childhood trauma surfacing in my late 20’s, to continue showing up each day and living a life with intention. There is so much that nature, holistic health, and mind-body coaching can do for our bodies and mental health, and it is this, that I wish to share through my engagement on here, with you.

I invite you to browse through my written work and photo gallery, and I challenge you to write down one adventure you are longing to go on. Look at it daily. And as you stare at it long enough, start brainstorming about the necessary steps it will take to achieve your adventure. Find a mentor, visit outdoor stores to learn about gear, and make a list of what you’re good at and what requires some improvement. Where you need improvement, who will you reach out to, to up-skill?

And remember, the journey to reaching your adventure goal is all encompassing: it requires both mental and physical training, patience, self-love, self-trust, and becoming one with yourself.

The wild corners of the Earth are there to be explored by YOU! Be well, be safe, be informed.

Christine Zelezny

Academia & Accreditations

  • Honours Bachelor degree in Social Science from the University of Toronto – Major in Social Cultural Anthropology and a Double Minor in Archaeology & English Literature
  • Diploma in Sports Development and Fitness with Cert III Group Fitness Trainer + Cert IV Personal Trainer (2019) – TAFE College, Gold Coast, QLD
  • BCRPA Personal Training Certification (In Progress)
  • First Aid with CPR-C-AED (2019)
  • ZUU (primal bodyweight movement) Silver (2019) Gold Coast, Australia (led by Dirk Gardner)
  • RealMVMT 2-day intensive level 1 course (2019) Sunshine Coast, Australia – led by RealMVMT founder, Keegan Smith
  • Bushcraft and Survival 4.5 Day private course with Gordon Dedman in Nambucca Heads + Macksville, NSW, Australia (November 2019)
  • Interpretive Outdoor Guide Course (2018) Alberta, Canada
  • TRX Group Training (2017) Vancouver, Canada
  • ZUU (primal bodyweight movement) & ANKORR level 1 (2016) Perth, Australia (under Lloyd Johnson)