About Me

Dear Adventurer,

I am an avid hiker and globe trekker with great ambitions, a warm & fiery personality, and always planning my next trekking adventure. I have a tendency of prioritizing my camera equipment over essential hiking gear but it’s a lesson never learned… 

My existence is shaped by 3 regions of the world: Canada – born in Ontario & raised in British Columbia, the Czech Republic – central European blood flowing through my veins and building my genetic code, and Australia – the country where I evolved into an independent adult and the best version of my self to date. 

Over the last 10+ years, I have wandered through 16 countries by foot, road bike, and car. I’ve gone through a good lot of Salomon trail runners to keep the kilometres growing. To power my outdoor endeavours, I have worked with a range of coaching professionals and have always taken great care in training my body to sustain the demands I put it through. 

After working for an incredible outdoor guiding company in Canada and Europe, I decided to take a break and go back to school to study Sports Development and Fitness back in Australia. In 2015 I spent a year in Perth, but this time I found myself on the east coast of Aus.

Over the course of my studies, I have been exploring various types of fitness styles, trying to find what niche resonates with my values and holistic lifestyle. While I have a solid background in various types of training, I became really passionate about working more around mobility, joint strength and health, and further exploring the mind-body connection. Because my passion lies in the outdoor culture, I centre my focus on becoming a stronger adventurer to better take on the unexpected.

Instead of smashing out workout after workout, I try to find more purpose behind the training I do. Being inspired by some great mentors around me, I am learning more about the importance of sustainable training. This is achieved through a stronger connection between the body & mind, understanding our emotions and beliefs, and living a healthy lifestyle. Training is not just about output; its also about input.

From this, I began shaping my life vision and purpose. Everyday I explore the question of how I want to help people around me achieve their undiscovered potentials. And although I am still in the process of my own self-discovery and personal exploring, my vision is to collect everything that I learn and pass it down to others.

Through my personal experience of burnout and chronic back pain, nature has been a central healing and grounding force within my life. Hiking and trekking is where I delve deeper into my soul. There is always something new that I learn about myself from my solitude on the trails.

Drawing from my vast sporting background, my experience from guiding, and completing a variety of solo and multi-day trek adventures, I am working on creating new ways to inspire more women around me to take a leap into the goals and discover something new about themselves.

I invite you to come along my journey, as I document my experiences in my trail notes and continue building a platform for adventure inspiration and empowerment.

If you’d like to read more about my story, please click here.

Christine Zelezny

Education & Accreditations

  • Honours Bachelor degree in Social Science from the University of Toronto – Major in Social Cultural Anthropology and a Double Minor in Archaeology & English Literature
  • Diploma in Sports Development and Fitness with Cert III Group Fitness Trainer + Cert IV Personal Trainer (2019) – TAFE College, Gold Coast, QLD
  • First Aid with CPR-C-AED (2019)
  • ZUU (primal bodyweight movement) Silver (2019) Gold Coast, Australia (under Dirk Gardner)
  • RealMVMT 2-day intensive level 1 course (2019) Sunshine Coast, Australia – led by RealMVMT founder, Keegan Smith
  • Ongoing mentorship program under Keegan Smith for education & business
  • Bushcraft and Survival 4.5 Day private course with Gordon Dedman in Nambucca Heads + Macksville, NSW, Australia (November 2019)
  • Interpretive Outdoor Guide Course (2018) Alberta, Canada
  • TRX Group Training (2017) Vancouver, Canada
  • ZUU (primal bodyweight movement) & ANKORR level 1 (2016) Perth, Australia (under Lloyd Johnson)