Off-Track Navigation in the Tyndall Ranges of Tasmania’s Wild West

As featured on We Are Explorers

The Tyndall Range in the wild west of Tasmania is a stunning collection of jagged peaks. Expecting harsh weather, tricky navigation and bulk solitude, Christine and Lauren set off on an overnight peak-bagging mission.

It’s not overly common to see the ocean creating a horizon from the Tasmanian bush, until you get to the Tyndalls. Just north of historic Queenstown, awaits an up and coming trekking heartland for the next bold adventurer. With the ocean to the west and the rugged overland mountains to the east, the raw landscape of the Tyndall Ranges is calling and inviting you to take a glimpse into the Wild West.


  • Drinking fresh, cool water from alpine tarns 
  • Complete two of Abel Tasman’s peaks in a weekend
  • Experience solitude in a pristine environment
  • Soak in 360 degree sunrise and sunset views

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