A Solo Journey Across The Western Arthurs Traverse in Tasmania

As featured on We Are Explorers

Set in a wild and remote corner of Southwest National Park, the Western Arthurs Traverse is one of Tasmania’s most rugged and rewarding multi-day walks. Considered to be one of the island’s most treacherous and challenging treks, it’s more common than not for avid hikers to turn back due to extreme and variable weather. 

Expecting to bush-bathe for 5-10 days along these ranges, this journey is more than a tick off your bucket list. You become one with the landscape, as you hug quartzite rock, hang off deeply rooted vines, and ascend and descend the unimaginable. Traversing the Arthur Range is a humbling and grounding expedition that’ll take your mental concentration and physical limits to the next level. 


  • The Views – 22 major peaks made of schist and quartzite
  • The Terrain – heart-racing scrambles and free-climbing
  • The Lakes – cold plunges into the pristine alpine waters of 30 lakes across the range
  • The Photography – 360 degree views towards Mount Anne, Federation Peak and the Eastern Arthurs

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